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Revolutionizing the Bridge Replacement Industry

The goal of every bridge replacement project is to minimize traffic disruption. Although this can be achieved using temporary structures, it results in high construction costs. More recently, modular construction has been … Continue reading

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The Great White “Vanilla” North

On October 27, the well known street artist Banksy posted a short piece on his blog describing the new One World Trade Centre building as “Vanilla”. Banksy claims that the … Continue reading

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2013 New York City Bridge Conference

On August 26th and 27th, the world’s top bridge engineers and architects congregated to New York City for the 2013 New York City Bridge Conference. This conference was first hosted … Continue reading

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A Revolution in Bridge Repair

Today’s infrastructure is in disrepair, particularly our bridges. The issue, discussed in my previous post entitled The Age of Disrepair, has become a hot topic for discussion. As a result, research is … Continue reading

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The Age of Disrepair: What Do We Do With All These Bridges?

The issue of ageing infrastructure has become a serious concern in countries throughout the world. Bridges built in the past century have begun to crumble causing serious  injuries, and in … Continue reading

August 1, 2013 · 2 Comments