Structural Digest

Looking At The Structures That Define Us


This collection of photo galleries provides an artistic insight into the world of architecture and structural engineering. Links will be added frequently:

01.23.2014 – 9 New Innovations in Concrete Technology

12.26.2013 – 10 Projects Inspired by Concrete

12.26.2013 – NYC Subway Construction Photos

11.21.2013 – Design Concepts for the I-395 Bridge in Miami

11.19.2013 – Demolition of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

11.10.2013 – Santiago Calatrava World Trade Centre Transportation Hub

10.31.2013 – Breathtaking Bridges That Span Countries and States

09.30.2013 – Black and White Photos of Global Architecture

09.23.2013 – South Koreas Invisible Tower

09.11.2013 – One World Trade Center Construction Photos

09.08.2013 – Top 10 Sustainable Cities

09.04.2013 – Water Towers Converted Into Homes

09.04.2013 – Truss Arch Bridge Construction Photos

08.19.2013 – Top 10 Surprising Building Materials

08.17.2013 – Sellwood Bridge Construction Photos

08.08.2013 – CNN’s Top 25 Engineering Achievements

08.07.2013 – CNN’s Top 25 Skyscrapers of The World

08.01.2013 – Notable Failures in US Bridges, Damns and Stadiums in Recent Years

08.01.2013 – Construction Photos from San Francisco’s Bay Bridge


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